zenweb.org writes custom dynamic websites following the same philosophies as when doing the design. The code for the website is:

  • Secure
  • Clear
  • Readable
  • Upgradeable

Secure: We follow good coding practices so that even with knowledge of how the page works the program is still secure.

Clear: Although many programmers pride themselves in creating complicated unreadable algorithms, we go for clarity over cleverness.

Readable: The code is well commented and we strive for a simple and well structured implementation that one can read through it and get an idea of what the program is doing.

Upgradeable: By following these good coding practices, it makes it possible so that if your needs change, and you need to maintain, enhance or even replace the code, it can be done quickly and with less effort.

Additionally, we put in extra touches like separating the Design from the Logic using templates, and using logical, easy to remember path names.

Validate XHTML/CSS.