When a leaf falls on the surface of the water, it floats effortlessly and naturally. That is the idea we follow when designing your website. Effortless, clean, natural. The beauty is reflected both in its form and its function.

zenweb.org creates designs that are clean, intuitive, and standards compliant. A cleanly designed webpage so that the interface is not confusing or complicated. Intuitive so that visitors can reach their destination quickly. Standards compliant so that even in ten years, each webpage is universally accessible to everyone (including those with audio or visual difficulties) and everything (cellphones, computers, or PDAs). A standards compliant design also ensures a better ranking among search engines for more visits. All pages are validated prior to posting to ensure standards compliance.

zenweb.org also works with partners who can help give your site a sense of direction and purpose. Strategic planning can complement your website by creating a consistent campaign that can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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