A leaf falling on water causing a ripple radiates beauty from within. It is what it is. With just one touch, the leaf affects the calmness of the water much like technology affects society.

It has become common practice to look towards Eastern mysticism in the world of technology. For Zen is about the sense of naturalness - existence without effort, question or intention. It is about just being, it is what it is.

zenweb.org specializes in harmonious web design, programming and hosting services. We instill the love for our craft in each creation so that the result is beautiful both internally and externally, never forgetting the importance of function over design: the most important function of a website is to facilitate the exchange of information.

zenweb.org provides services that are:

  • Standards compliant
  • Cleanly designed
  • Easy to navigate
  • Quick loading
  • Reliable
  • Secure

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